Friday March 18th | 5:00 – 8:00pm

Island Community Center, Stonington

with Mia Kanazawa


Family Style

Join Mia as she leads our class through several traditional preparations of sushi, the seasoned rice that is an integral part of Japanese cuisine. By the end of the evening, you will be well prepared to add sushi to your dinner repertoire. 

Sushi refers to vinegared seasoned rice, and in this class you will learn the special method to cook sushi rice, to season it, and some various ways to use this rice - rolled (maki), stuffed (inari), and tossed (chirashi). We will concentrate on these Family Style Sushi, rather than nigiri - the hand formed rice balls topped with raw fish.


Mia is a 3rd generation Japanese American, and the owner of Mia's Springrolls, a prepared Asian food business inspired by her Mother's recipes and Asian street food and is made from fresh ingredients grown at her Daruma Farm in Brooksville and other local farms. She sells at the Saturday Winter Market at Mainescape, as well as Farmer's Markets during the summer season.  


Limited space, please register on-line or call Edible Island at 207-367-5888 to reserve your spot. $25 includes a light dinner.