Salt & Vinegar

Tuesday August 22nd | 5:00pm – 8:00pm

Island Community Center, Stonington

with Wes Norton

Cooking Class:

Join Wes to explore how salt and vinegar can be used for both flavor and preservation. Through several hands on projects and lots of tasting, you will leave with ideas on how to transform your cooking through these two staple ingredients.

Join Wes to explore how salt and acid can be used for both flavoring and preservation of various foods. We will start by curing a side of salmon with a mixture that can be adapted with various herbs and flavorings. We will also covering basic pickling techniques to add that zing to your summer salads and cover the fundamentals of brining. 


Wes has his mother to thank for imparting his love of salt and vinegar. Whether it is through cured meats, a well seasoned soup, or a crispy pickle, he is pulled to these staple ingredients. Wes serves as Executive Director of Edible Island. 


Limited space, please register on-line or call Edible Island at 207-367-5888 to reserve your spot. $50 includes a light dinner.