We are people who love to cook, and to eat great local food at home, in restaurants, and with friends. We want to inspire others to do the same, while expanding educational and future job opportunities for young people in the culinary, ecological and hospitality arts.

Who we are

Our Goals

Stimulate interest in Good Food through community events which expose the public to new culinary experiences and raise interest in further educational opportunities 


Work with schools toward delivering more Good Food to island students


Offer active learning opportunities for local students, community members, and professional chefs that cover a wide range of cooking skills and engagement levels


Support initiatives that recognize culinary excellence as a source of community pride 

Our Mission

ICEC is committed to providing education and training which will lead to expanded job opportunities for youth in the fields of culinary and hospitality arts, with an emphasis on sustainability and increased public awareness of the island's resources, culinary potential and ecological diversity.