with Brian Polcyn

Butchering & Charcuterie

Nose to Tail

October 23-25

Brooksville and Deer Isle, Maine

Join Edible Island for an intensive weekend workshop on whole animal butchery and charcuterie. We are excited to welcome back master butcher Brian Polcyn, who wrote the definitive texts on the subject. 

Join Brian Polcyn as he brings the craft of whole animal butchery and charcuterie to Maine chefs. Whether you are a seasoned butcher or a home cook just getting into cured meats, this will be a great learning experience. The workshop will span from the field to the plate, starting with a humane on farm slaughter and ending with finished charcuterie. Participants will have hands on opportunities to cut pork, view different systems for raising pigs, and work with Brian to prepare a variety of charcuterie products.

Brain Polcyn is a Master Butcher and charcuterie expert. Brian, along with Michael Ruhlman, co-authored the books "Charcuterie" and “Salumi" which are
widely considered definitive works on the subject. Rob Cushman and Jake Hearst will lead the slaughter and carcass prep portion of the workshop. Rob and Jake operate A Kinder Kill, a mobile animal processing service.


This event is limited to a small number of participants and the cost for the three days is $350.  Scholarships are available, thanks to support from the Blue Hill Peninsula Community Food Grant. Please call Edible Island at 207-367-5888 for questions and scholarship information.

Workshop Details

The workshop will convene at noon on Friday at David's Folly Farm in Brooksville. We will spend the afternoon at the farm, before breaking for the day. We will meet again in Brooksville on Saturday and end the day with a butcher's supper. Sunday's sessions will take place on Deer Isle and we will wrap up at approximately 4pm. Participants will receive details with a full schedule, syllabus, lodging recommendations, etc. upon registering.