Tuesday July 5th | 5:00pm – 8:00pm

Island Community Center, Stonington

with Rob and Sam

Cooking Class:

Join Rob and Sam to explore the flavors of Mexico and how you can incorporate the summer's bounty of fresh produce, as well as local meat and seafood into fresh tacos. 

In this hands-on class, we will explore all the elements of fresh tacos, with an eye towards incorporating local produce and underutilized cuts of meat. We will handshape corn tortillas, pickle vegetables, blend salsas, and assemble a wide array of other sides and fillings. Rob and Sam will also discuss how many underutilized meats and seafood are well suited for incorporating into this meal. Come prepared to try new some new foods and maybe leave so inspired, you'll book a trip to the Yucatan. 


Rob Cushman and Samantha Haskell are a couple of very curious and ambitious cooks who call Cape Rosier home. Between the two of them, they have experience as an organic vegetable farmer, itinerant meat processor, bookseller, aquaculture researcher, and native plant advocate- the kind of unique backgrounds you only find in a place like Downeast Maine. 


Limited space, please register on-line or call Edible Island at 207-367-5888 to reserve your spot. $50 includes a light dinner.